What is the purpose of the Streetscape Resource Guide?

Scenic Houston recognizes the potential of highly functional, well-designed, vibrant streetscapes as a powerful tool to build community. The public right-of-way along our streets and roadways are community assets that need to be carefully cultivated. Understanding that any stakeholder interested in Houston streetscape planning and development could benefit from a definitive resource guide created by planning, design, engineering and public works professionals, Scenic Houston has produced this Streetscape Resource Guide as a common reference that all stakeholders can utilize with ease.

  • Supports optimal planning, design and construction using current municipal code standards
  • Considers all users during the planning, design and construction phases of streets and public rights-of-way
  • Illustrates enhanced design standards that make wise use of public and private investment dollars
  • Depicts unintended consequences that can result from lack of cohesive planning
  • Encourages continued growth and economic development across the region